About Us

Company Profile

Northern Foodservices is a young, progressive, l00% Canadian owned and operated foodservice company that has come to be trusted in the northern business sector. Its management team is comprised of individuals that boast some 100 years of combined foodservice experience in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alberta. Its owners have long been in the political/business landscape throughout the territories and sit on many northern company boards.

Northern Foodservices commenced business in 1999 and in a few short double-digit growth years expanded into a large, brand new, 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Yellowknife. Shortly thereafter the company leased a 20,000 sq. ft. consolidation warehouse in Edmonton and purchased two new tri-axles, dual temperature trailers dedicated to food and food product transportation to and from Edmonton and Yellowknife. These trailers run from Edmonton to Yellowknife head office three times a week ensuring that the products are handled correctly and safely. The customer benefits by having the freshest products delivered to their establishment.

2011 has brought some more exciting news, our Edmonton facility is becoming too small for all our needs. New warehouse will have 56,000 square feet of space, capacity to house over 5,000 different items and will enable us to further expand our business into Oil and Gas industry.

Northern Foodservices is committed to the health and safety of both their customers and employees. In the first six months of 2002 they introduced a complete Employee Health and Safety Program including food safety training, employee general safety, driver safety handbooks, a pest control program and an extensive policy and procedure manual. In July, 2002, Northern Foodservices was audited by an independent food safety auditing company (SGS Testing Canada). We are the only company in the north that has passed such an audit and achieved an “Excellent” rating of 94.7%.

Northern Foodservices is a full-line foodservice operator. We carry an inventory of approximately $850,000 at any given time consisting of products from many categories including produce, dairy, meat, seafood, frozen foods, bread, dry goods, cleaning products, paper products, pop, chips, candy and tobacco products. Our group of companies includes Northern Foodservices, Petersen & Auger, Territorial Tobacco Products, Northern Snack Foods, Articon Holdings and Walker Expediting with combined sales of approximately thirty million dollars.

Northern Foodservices supplies products to many types of business situations that require special attention and look forward to expanding our niche in the future. We have the capacity to ship products throughout Alberta and British Columbia, to all corners of the Northwest Territories as well as Nunavut. We currently supply hotels and inns, restaurants (including fine and casual dining), quick serve/vendor stands, caterers, remote lodges, fishing camps, mining and winter road camps, schools, government facilities, hospitals and other health care facilities as well as retail and convenience stores. Oil and gas in Alberta is our new customer category that we are proud to serve. Northern Foodservices is committed to our valued present and future customers and look forward to any and all challenges that occur in the future.

Jack Walker – President, C.E.O.